service innovation.

Design must be an innovative, highly creative, cross-disciplinary tool responsive to the needs of men. It must be more research-oriented, and we must stop defiling the earth itself with poorly-designed objects and structures.
— Victor Papanek

Service design and innovation is a rapidly growing industry, especially as our technology advances at a exponential rate. We consistently seek services that can help us live our daily lives easier, more efficiently, and happier. The following work was done for a graduate service innovation class that was strictly user-centered in the spring of 2014. I worked closely with another student to analyze services in the United States airline industry as well as car shares, then target any market gaps or 'blue oceans', and design a new service that fits in to those open opportunities. 

Have a look at the user's experience with airlines and car shares.

Analysis of three airlines in the United States versus the typical experience of car travel.

Overview of what airlines in america are striving for. 

Analysis of Southwest Airlines's service innovations.

Analysis of zipcar's service innovations. 


HappyAir is an airline designed to make the entire experience of air travel a fun, painless and therefore happy one. Air travel can be uncomfortable, scary, and expensive for many people, so HappyAir's goal is to take away all of the negatives found in the industry's user experience and turn them in to positives. HappyAir allows travelers to meet other passengers that are on their flights beforehand through a social media platform facilitated by the company's website and mobile application. People can agree to sit together on the plane or catch-up before the flight at the gate. Luggage tracking is available through the user's entire experience with the airline, and the seating zones on the aircraft are designated by the type of experience passengers desire in flight.

HappyAir is the fun, friendly, 'fordable, forever airline that revolutionizes the experience of flight, allowing customers to have an exciting, cost effective, and reliable option for long and short haul travel.