Week 5 - Moving Forward / by Caroline Ingalls

Aesthetics and experience are absolutely key when designing a destination for the community.  Proxy in San Francisco by Envelope A+D  has got that down!   

After my midterm presentation a few days ago, I now have a much more concrete idea for the direction I would like to take the project over the next five weeks and hopefully beyond.  I especially want to focus on the aesthetic of Boxport and the experience that the visitor will have above all, and then work from there in developing a strategic plan of project phases from starting small in the community to growing more and more over time.  That means putting a lot of concrete ideas and systemic methods down in to the design in terms of space planning, interior and structural design as well as a business plan.  

The end goal of Boxport is for it to be a destination that is constructed of several containers featuring spaces that will help commerce, community and culture in Savannah thrive.  That will be done so through rentable retail spaces, public urban settings for relaxation, conversation and events, as well as environmental graphics that tell stories in order to connect visitors to the great adventures of containers.  Boxport will lift the 'cloak of invisibility' on this 'invisible industry' of global shipping and allow for transparency between people and B2B operations.  That is the end result and the final phase, which I will shortly visualize for everyone to have a better idea of what I mean.  A great place for Boxport to take place would be under the Talmadge bridge in Savannah, right by SCAD, The Hue student apartments, and a large hotel that is in the works.  It is walking distance from river street, and just outside the historic district, which is perfect for visiting tourists.  Boxport will communicate the 'historic yet hip' and 'classic yet cool' vibe that the city of Savannah is striving for these days.  

To get to this end goal, we must work through a series of phases as it would take quite some time.  Those phases can slowly help us build and expand on the site, developing new partnerships and involvement from the community.  For Phase I, I would like to get some containers out there in to the public.  It could just be one or two temporary containers at the desired site under the Talmadge bridge, or placed in other plots in Savannah.  This could even be 'Pre-Phase I', serving as a type of campaign and advertisement for the future project that would follow over time.  This would help to get the project's message out to the community in a playful way, stimulating curiosity, interest and engagement within Savannah and beyond.  That interest from the city will help to build the strong foundation to get a project like this on its feet and moving towards an end goal versus sitting idle.  If the community gets excited and once that is accomplished, we can then move in to the more formal and permanent process of implementation, carrying out the multiple phases of growth and expansion to get to the end vision for Savannah Boxport.  


Here is some cool inspiration for this concept: 

Art-Box was commissioned by Maersk Line and the Ports of Auckland to travel the world and educate people on the value of container shipping.  

PARK(ing) Day in San Francisco

Bomb the Box at Boxpark Shoreditch in London 

Maersk containers on display in downtown Norfolk, Virginia as works of art.