Week 5 - Midterm Presentation / by Caroline Ingalls

This past week I had my midterm presentation for the Boxport.  I am very excited and pleased at how many influential people in the Savannah community came out to see what I have been working on.  Thank you very much to Page Siplon of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, Lori Judge of Judge Realty, Clinton Edminster of Art Rise Savannah and Well FED, Jackie Jackson Teel of the Metropolitan Planning Commission Natural Resources, Charisse Bennett of The Creative Coast, Monique Silen, Nick Deffley, Monica Letourneau of SCAD Interior Design, Jody Jenkins, Denise Grabowski, Ramsey Khalidi of the Southern Pine Company, Ankit Darda, Tarana Harris Mayes of SCAD's Thread Blog, April Lee, Eric Green, and my professor Scott Boylston for making it a good one.  It was wonderful to have so many great people in the same room together discussing container possibilities, and I look forward to working futher with everyone.  I have gathered a lot of great feedback and am very pleased with the community support that I have acquired.  I am excited for what the next several weeks will bring!